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Diagnostics Designed

for Everybody

The Halo reader is an affordable, diagnostics tool that improves the sensitivity and specificity of rapid tests while simultaneously providing digital results that are easy-to-read and easy-to-integrate into existing software solutions. 

By providing more accurate results and consistent outcomes, Halo fill the need for a reusable rapid test reader that is better than the human eye and incredibly easy to use.

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Secure, robust, stable and resilient. 

Halo Software

Add testing data to patient records, wellness databasing or provider dashboards. We work closely with our customers to assure a seamless experience.

Easy to Integrate

Securely store and aggregate your test results for telehealth solutions, outbreak and trend monitoring. Push alerts to Halo app enabling customers to repurchase tests ahead of local outbreaks.

Secure and Reliable

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Cloud-Based Solutions

Remotely add additional testing capabilities to your field-deployed Halo readers. Updates can be downloaded and ready to use in minutes.

Partner with Us

You provide the assay test and Halo provides the user experience and accurate results.

A complete platform, Halo is a high performance, accessible diagnostic reader combined with a user-friendly app and comprehensive cloud-based back end.

Halo Marketplace

An opportunity to showcase your assay test portfolio to users and enable them to easily reorder supplies through the optional in-app storefront or offer expanded customer support solutions for a personalized experience. 

Halo Cloud

Remotely configure the Halo reader for expanded assay test portfolios, add HIPAA-compliant test results to patient EMR files or outbreak monitoring for actionable community response, the Halo Could is a highly flexible for your connected test data needs.

Halo App

User-friendly and secure white labeled app to ensure consistent device experience, push notifications for consumer alerts and engagement or seamless access Halo Marketplace to reorder test supplies.

Halo Reader

A highly accessible, commercial-ready assay reader that features a compact, low-power design and provides a simple, app-guided use model and dependable digital results. 

"Tools such as the Halo platform, which can provide accurate results in a timely manner, can be useful in providing critical information in a variety of settings including homes, schools, or clinics."

As published in:

Frontiers in Public Health (Vol. 10-2022).

"Companies prosper when the cleverness of innovation meets the timely needs of the customer.  The Halo system is well thought out; it is technology that exceeds today’s needs and can grow with tomorrow’s demands."

Eric Whitters, COO

Response Biomedical

"The NIH RADx program has become the gold standard for development and deployment of innovative diagnostic solutions and this award further validates the capabilities of our Halo platform."

Jason Cox, Ph.D., CEO


About Us

Founded in 2013 as an MIT “Tough Tech” spinout, we’ve applied our expertise in chemistry, optics, hardware and software to develop the Halo Platform. Headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, the Halo team features 14 scientists, engineers, and business leaders designing and implementing innovative solutions with the goal of dependable and accessible diagnostics for all people.  

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